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MES Service Providers

Our company has grown strong in the MES field through 13 years of hands on experience designing, configuring, integrating and optimizing Electronic Master Batch Records, Equipment Management and interfaces including MES Level 2 Integration. Recently recognized as one of the Top 10 MES Service Providers by Manufacturing Tech Insights magazine.

MES Services

  • Implementation Strategy
  • Requirement gathering from Manufacturing, Technical Services and Quality Assurance teams.
  • Master Batch Record Design and Configuration.
  • Equipment Electronic LogBooks Design and Configuration.
  • Configure and design MES integration with PCS, Data Historians, OPC and others level 2 systems.

Company Accomplishments

  • Thirteen (13) years of providing MES services in diferent regulated industries.
  • Implement MES in startups using a paperless approach.
  • Implement MES tightly integrated with Level 2 Systems.
  • Connect stand-alone equipment to MES using Beryllium Corportation's Be-XConnect OEM application.
  • Eliminated equipment related paper forms and logbooks.
  • Reduced documentation errors and Non Conformance.
  • Provided well structured designs in combination with level 2 integration to move our clients to a Review by Exception approach reducing cycle time for batch release.

Design Standards

  • Enforce Compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Ensure Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Simplify Shop Floor Execution
  • Reduce Documentation Errors
  • Design for Review by Exception